Om Burger is the place for creative, delicious and nutritious food that feeds the soul. Our aim is to bring vegetarian and vegan food to the masses and make everyone fall in love with our green cuisine.
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Who Are We?
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Om Burger is the vegetarian younger sibling of Burger Theory. Wanting to make a move to a more sustainable way of doing business we have been encouraging people to eat our veggie burgers at Burger Theory for years by creating irresistible veggie burgers which tempt even die-hard meat-eaters.

Last year we took our veggie burger stall to Shambala and it was a huge hit with the crowds. On top of this, we won the ‘Shambala Sustainable Trader‘ award that year! This year we have decided to launch Om Burger – a brand dedicated to our Vegetarian & Vegan food.

As well as taking Om Burger on the road we will also be opening the Om Burger restaurant in Bristol which is due to open in October 2020.

Om Burger is all about creative recipes made from high-quality local ingredients. We take inspiration from world cuisine and you will find flavours from Korea to the USA. We handcraft our burgers, pickles and sauces for a unique and delicious experience. Our veg is all from the UK, dairy cheese is organic & our bread comes from artisan bakers Leivito.

Our aim is to provide delicious and nutritious food that feeds the soul and keeps the party going!

Our catering team have travelled far and wide serving up tasty culinary creations, offering a diverse and innovative menu with a range of delicious, plant-based cuisine perfect for weddings, festivals and private events.

Healthy, green, and indulgent all in one big delicious bite, our Om Burger team will serve up creative, delicious, and nutritious food that feeds the soul.

Please have a look as some of the offerings via our Instagram below.

Whether you are a veggie, hardcore vegan, or just want to have a break from eating meat, we believe that great food is what brings people together & doesnโ€™t need to cost the earth. We source locally, donโ€™t use plastic packaging, keep food miles low, and make food thatโ€™s soooo good you wonโ€™t want anything else!

You can expect professional, timely and passionate service from our Om Burger team, who are prepared to go the extra mile to make sure everyone leaves satisfied & smiling! If youโ€™d like to experience the home of green cuisine, then please fill out our enquiry form here…

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